Our Story


We are so excited that you stopped by to check out our shop!

We are a husband & wife team along with a little help from our 4 little girls.

We live mostly a homegrown & homemade lifestyle with raising & growing our own food, & making most of our furniture & home decor.

For years you probably couldn't tell the difference between our house & what a college student furnishes their home with. Almost all of your furniture was hand-me-downs.

When we moved into our forever home & needed to get actual grown up furniture, we knew we needed extra sturdy pieces with all the craziness of little crew.

Furniture is expensive...especially when the we love the rustic Pottery Barn look.

So Chad decided that since we already live a lifestyle where we make & raise most of our food, why not build what we can to.

It all started with farmhouse style doll beds for the girls & a chicken coop for our chicks, & has grown to a farmhouse style table, benches, & chairs, stools, coffee table, & numerous other end/console tables.

I know that Chad loves building for his family, but I think he needs to escape all the craziness that having 4 daughters brings. HA!

We truly love living in a house that expresses our values & style.

We hope you love our items as much as we do!