Posted by Jennifer Revier on

Hey there!
It's been over a two years since we started Colfax Point Designs, & I figured it was probably time to really introduce ourselves & tell you how we got started.
I'm Jen, a wife, a mom to four little ladies, and a lover of all things rustic! I've always loved dreaming up, designing, & creating things. Luckily, I married someone that loves to do the same thing! Chad is a science teacher by day, and gardener, builder, bee keeper, & designer in his spare time.
We've passed the creative bug down to our girls too. They love making clothes for their dolls, slime, cupcakes, wood creations, & just about anything else they can get their hands on. We also love sports too! We spend a good chunk of our weekends in a gym for basketball & volleyball, & wouldn't have it any other way!!!
We started building things for our house about four years ago. We had just moved into a house that was a lot bigger than our first tiny house (2 bedrooms, 1 bath with 5 people living in it). We didn't have anything to fill it with. We gathered up hand-me-downs from our parents & really felt like we were back in college again.
Our first build was American Girl doll beds for the girls. We were so dang proud of them...I even sewed (attempted) the bedding...just don't look to closely. They sure have gotten used over the years. Still one of my favorite builds.
From their, we've built our dinning table, coffee, end, & console table for the living room. A few cabinets, loft beds, & endless decor pieces.
After posting our diy projects on facebook & having so many people as to buy what we were making, we decided to start Colfax Point Designs (colfax is the township we live in & we live on a peninsula in between two lakes). We can't even begin to describe our excitement over the last 2.5 years.
We absolutely love creating custom pieces whether it's at a workshop or for an order. We love seeing people smile while they look at our items at markets. We just love where this little business has taken us.